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SeerPharma Journal – July 2024
  • 2024 Medical Device Industry Trends
  • SeerPharma Congratulates the Latest Master of GMP Graduates from UTS
  • The 4 Stages of Learning That Help Define Quality Management Maturity
  • SeerPharma to Sponsor & Present at ISPE India Pharma 4.0 Conference
  • For GMP Graduates, Inspiring Careers Abound
  • 5 Steps to Obtaining ISO 13485:2016 Certification
  • MasterControl Launch Electronic Logbooks
  • Online Training and Webinars
SeerPharma Journal – April 2024
  • 2024 SeerPharma Symposium : New Frontiers in Quality and Manufacturing
  • 2024 Pharmaceutical Industry Trends
  • ISO 62366-1:2015 - Usability Engineering
  • For Good Manufacturing Practice Graduates, Inspiring Careers Abound
  • SeerPharma and Melbourne Uni Report - Impact of AI / LLMs on Quality and GMP
  • SeerPharma Welcomes Over 95 Postgraduate Students Studying GMP at UTS
  • Inaugural 2024 MasterControl User Group Meeting
  • Infographic: QA and GMP Compliance Performance Snapshot for 2023
  • Online Training and Webinars
SeerPharma Journal – October 2023
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Engages SeerPharma to Design and Deliver 'GMP for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs)' Training
  • 2023 Medical Device Manufacturing Trends: Digital Transformation, Data Optimization, and Tech-Savvy Talent
  • Paradigm Shift in Training Methodologies to Ensure GMP Understanding
  • EU GMP Assistance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in Vietnam
  • Welcoming the 2023 Spring Cohort of GMP Students at UTS
  • TGA GMP Inspection Support: Multinational Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in China
  • Online Training and Webinars
SeerPharma Journal – July 2023
  • SeerPharma and Melbourne University Assess Impact of AI/LLMS on Quality and GMP
  • What Is the Future of the Pharma Manufacturing Industry?
  • The Impact of Annex 16 Adoption by PIC/S in Australia
  • Global Diagnostics Manufacturer Engages SeerPharma for CSA/CSV and 21 CFR Part 11 Training
  • TGA GMP Inspection Assistance for Indian and Indonesian Firms
  • SeerPharma Engaged for European QP Audits in APAC
  • Online Training and Webinars
SeerPharma Journal – April 2023
  • Vietnam Workshop: Digitizing Quality and Manufacturing
  • PCI Open Day: SeerPharma Presents 'Annex 1 Updates'
  • 2023 GMP Training with Malaysian Organisation of Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Welcoming the 2023 Autumn Cohort of GMP Students at UTS
  • WHITE PAPER: Ethylene Oxide Sterilisation - Overkill Approach
  • The State of Digital Quality Maturity in Pharma & MedTech
  • 2023 Hong Kong CPD Program: QA & GMP Training
  • Infographic: SeerPharma 2022 Performance Snapshot
  • Online Training and Webinars
SeerPharma Journal – October 2022
  • 2022 SeerPharma Symposium
  • SeerPharma Partners with Orioled Hub to Offer Services in Vietnam
  • SeerPharma's Lisa Bennett Joins PDA's Regulatory Affairs and Quality Advisory Board
  • MasterControl: Top Batch Record Pain Points
  • SeerPharma Scholarship Open for Autumn 2023 GMP Postgrad. Study at UTS
  • Contamination Control Strategy (CCS)
  • SeerPharma at the 2022 PDA Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Quality Conference
  • Live Online Training and Webinars
SeerPharma Journal – July 2022
  • New Data Integrity Course Launched as part of GMP eLearning
  • Working with Sterile Products Under Grade A (ISO 4.8) Laminar Flow
  • Meet 2022 SeerPharma Scholarship Recipient: Alejandro Silagan
  • WHITE PAPER: FDA Guidance: Premarket Cybersecurity in Medical Devices
  • 6 Common Myths About Adopting a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • Meet Bo Yan: Master of GMP Student at UTS
  • Live Online Training and Webinars
SeerPharma Journal – April 2022
  • SeerPharma Launch Approved GMP Training Programs for AP’s in Hong Kong
  • Computer Software Assurance (CSA) Webinar for ISPE India
  • SeerPharma Offer MasterControl Implementation Services in North America
  • Meet Master of GMP Student at UTS: Khalil Dalvi
  • The New Pharma Imperative: Quality Flexibility
  • Meet SeerPharma Scholarship Winner Tanya Goodwin
  • Hand Washing: Reduce Bioburden & Microbial Contamination in Cleanrooms
  • Live Online Training and Webinars
SeerPharma Journal – October 2021
  • Data Integrity: Intentional, Unintentional and Potential
  • SeerPharma Launches Suite of GMP Training for India
  • MTP 4.0 Quality Management: Complaints, CAPA, Deviations, Document Control, Training
  • SeerPharma QMS Training: REDI Initiative, powered by MTPConnect
  • SeerPharma Welcomes Spring 2021 Postgraduate GMP Students at UTS
  • Insights into the World of Extractables and Leachables
  • Vital Signs of the Medical Device Industry: 2021 MD Industry Trends
  • Online Training
SeerPharma Journal – July 2021
  • Quality Management System (QMS) Training Across Australia
  • The Never-Normal Future of Manufacturing: 2021 Trends
  • Medical Devices: Post-Market Surveillance, Adverse Event Reporting and Recall/Non-Recall Actions
  • Meet Mario Cano Gorra: Master of GMP Student at UTS
  • Quality Management Under MTP 4.0: Audits and Change Control
  • Computer System Assurance: Configuration / Design & Closing the Loop
  • Online Training
SeerPharma Journal – April 2021
  • REDI Initiative Engages SeerPharma for QMS Training
  • iNova Pharmaceuticals Engages SeerPharma for Assistance with CSV Operating Model
  • Importance of Human Performance in GMP - A Scientific Approach
  • Analytical Testing Laboratory Engages SeerPharma to Assist with US FDA Accreditation
  • Meet Online GMP Postgraduate Student Kunal Gadhvi
  • Computer System Assurance (CSA) - Use of Critical Thinking
  • 2021 Quality Management Trends
  • Upcoming Training and Events
SeerPharma Journal – October 2020
  • Vertex Pharmaceuticals Selects SeerPharma GMP eLearning for Global Use
  • MasterControl Launch Manufacturing Excellence for the APAC Region
  • Overview of ISO13485 – Medical Device QMS Requirements
  • Audit and Inspection Insights from a Former GMP Inspector
  • Meet Online UTS Student Teresa Domagala
  • Computer System Assurance - Risk and Reward
  • Digital Tools to Streamline the Supplier Management Process
  • Upcoming Online Training
SeerPharma Journal – July 2020
  • Computer System Assurance (CSA)
  • Meet Online Postgraduate GMP Student Lina Sandberg
  • SeerPharma and UTS to Launch GMP Bioprocessing Subject
  • A Document Management System (DMS) to Achieve Document Control
  • Your Map to Quality Manufacturing
  • SeerPharma Engaged to Conduct GxP/GMP Audits in Asia-Pacific
  • Upcoming Training and Events
SeerPharma Journal – April 2020
  • Learning Management System (LMS) for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices
  • SeerPharma to Deliver Bioprocessing Training Programs at UTS
  • How Digital Production Records Can Build Quality Into Production
  • SeerPharma Welcomes 2020 Cohort of Postgraduate GMP Students at UTS
  • SeerPharma Sponsors BioMelbourne Network’s 8th Annual Device + Diagnostics Lab
  • How Cloud Migration Has Become More Seamless for Regulated Companies
  • Virtual QA and GMP Consulting
  • SeerPharma Training Has Gone Virtual
  • SeerPharma 2019 Performance Snapshot
  • Upcoming Training and Events
SeerPharma Journal – October 2019
  • 2019 ISPE South Asia Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Conference Report
  • CSV Assistance for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies
  • How Digitization Can Help Life Sciences Manufacturers Amplify Lean Principles
  • A Better Way of Conducting Product Quality Reviews (PQRs)
  • SeerPharma at the 2019 Inaugural MOPI Regulatory Compliance Conference
  • Comprehensive On-Site GMP Training for Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
  • Learn more about obtaining a Postgraduate Qualification in GMP
  • Automating Quality and Manufacturing Records with MasterControl
  • SeerPharma & MasterControl at AusBiotech 2019
  • Upcoming Training and Events
SeerPharma Journal – July 2019
  • A GMP Training Experience: Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane
  • On the Road to More Efficient Manufacturing: A Digital Solution
  • White Paper Download: A Guide for Validating and Maintaining IT Infrastructure
  • SeerPharma to Sponsor Malaysian Regulatory Conference: Quality Compliance Towards Excellence
  • Meet an Online Graduate Certificate in GMP Student
  • CSV Review of IT Applications & Practices at a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Site
  • Upcoming Training and Events
SeerPharma Journal – April 2019
  • Fresenius Kabi Selects SeerPharma to Supply Global Online GMP Training
  • Philippine Pharmaceutical Industry Invite SeerPharma to Present on Adoption of PIC/S Guide to GMP
  • Invitation to the SeerPharma Symposium 2019
  • Partnering with MasterControl
  • SeerPharma Exhibit and Sponsor at Biologistics Biomanufacuring Asia 2019
  • Postgraduate GMP Training Program Growth
  • Assisting IVD and Medical Device Companies with Operational Compliance
  • 2018 Performance Snapshot
  • Upcoming Training and Events
SeerPharma Journal – October 2018
  • Praise for SeerPharma GMP Training
  • Data Integrity poster
  • SeerPharma to Inspect Indian Pharmaceutical Company Looking to Obtain PIC/S GMP Certification
  • SeerPharma Proud to be Sponsoring and Exhibiting at Biologistics World Asia 2019
  • SeerPharma Symposium: 2018 Wrap-Up & Looking to 2019
  • Biotech Company Approach SeerPharma to Assist with Developing a Pharmaceutical Quality System
  • SeerPharma Engaged by Medical Device Companies to Assist with QMS
  • Upcoming Events and Training
SeerPharma Journal – July 2018
  • SeerPharma Symposium
  • Indian Pharmaceutical Firms Turn to SeerPharma for Assistance on Preparing and Responding to GMP Regulatory Inspections
  • SeerPharma to Deliver Data Integrity Training to Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
  • Complementary Medicine GMP Compliance: Manufacture, Labelling and Export
  • GMP Training in Singapore with Temasek Polytechnic
  • Automating Quality and Manufacturing Processes: eQMS, ERP, MES, LIMS
  • Learn About SeerPharma: 2 minute explainer video
  • SeerPharma Sponsoring Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic Development Event
  • Upcoming Training
SeerPharma Journal – April 2018
  • ISO 14971 Risk Management for New Medical Devices
  • PIC/S GMP Training for PT Kalbio Global Medika
  • TGA Pharmacovigilance Inspection Program Readiness
  • Computer System Validation; Start on the Right Track
  • Online Training is About To Get More Flexible
  • Assisting with Advanced Manufacturing Process
  • Quality Management System Certification
  • Experience from Masters of GMP Course at UTS
  • Invitation to the SeerPharma Symposium 2018
  • 2017 Performance Snapshot
SeerPharma Journal – October 2017
  • Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Training
  • 2017 BAA Conference
  • Prepare for TGA Adoption of PIC/S Guide to GMP PE 009-13
  • PDA Modern Biopharmaceutical Processing Conference
  • ISO 13485 Internal Audit for Class III Medical Device Company
  • Equipment Validation Contractors for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant
  • GMP E-learning Helps 10,000 Trainees
  • SeerPharma Celebrates First Cohort of Graduates from Masters of GMP Program at UTS
  • Upcoming Events and Training
SeerPharma Journal – July 2017
  • 3 Pharmaceutical Processing Problems that Data Alone Couldn’t Solve
  • Assisting Medical Device company with navigating new Medical Device Regulation (MDR) in Europe
  • SeerPharma QA Contract Resources for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies
  • Working closely with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) manufacturers in Singapore
  • At Singapore Polytechnic
  • SeerPharma assisting early stage researchers with masterclass on regulatory pathways
  • SeerPharma in discussion with clients on providing assistance with IT Projects in a Regulated Environment
  • What’s new in the PE 009-13 PIC/S Guide to GMP
  • Navigating the pathway of TGA enforcement of the PIC/S Guide to GMP for Medicines
SeerPharma Journal – April 2017
  • GMP Course for South Australian Public Hospital Pharmacy Staff
  • Assisting with TGA GMP Licensing of a New Facility
  • Automating Material Management
  • SeerPharma Symposium
  • SeerPharma at BioPharma Asia 2017
  • PIC/S GMP Training Across the Asia-Pacific Region
  • 2016 Performance Snapshot
SeerPharma Journal – October 2016
  • Singapore complementary medicine GMP study tour
  • Sponsoring BioMelbourne “Corporate Culture and Risk” session
  • GMP data integrity masterclass
  • Assisting start-up biotech companies with Quality Assurance Plans
  • Deploying an electronic QMS for a major pharmaceutical company
  • SeerPharma and CRC for Cell Therapy Manufacturing develop and deliver training course for Industry
  • Online GMP training
  • Multinational contract manufacturer turns to SeerPharma for pharmaceutical QA Manager
SeerPharma Journal – July 2016
  • Assisting a pharmaceutical contract manufacturer with the design, qualification and validation of their new facility
  • Singapore complementary health product trade delegation to Australia
  • SeerPharma Symposium: Funding and initiatives for pharmaceutical and medical device companies
  • Auspman expanding beyond online GMP training
  • Coaching program assists Australian biopharmaceutical manufacturer with professional development of staff
  • CSV gap assessment and consulting to a leading pharmaceutical distribution company in APAC
  • Technical and compliance audits of suppliers in Europe and Asia to pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms
  • 3rd party audit on behalf of a regulatory consultancy
SeerPharma Journal – April 2016
  • Cynata request SeerPharma assistance with Product and Trial Data Security
  • SeerPharma provide GMP Training to Government Agency promoting BioProcessing Technology
  • Excerpt of SeerPharma White Paper on the new revision of ISO13485:2016
  • SeerPharma provides Validation Assistance to major multinational Pharmaceutical Company
  • SeerPharma asked to perform Supplier Audits in Asia
  • Working with the Sri Lankan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association on Consulting and Training
  • Implementing electronic QMS Solutions
  • An Invitation to the SeerPharma Symposium
SeerPharma Journal – October 2015
  • GMP training in Malaysia
  • Vaxxas engages SeerPharma to deliver training on Good Aseptic Practices
  • Public training
  • SeerPharma to be exhibiting at the 4th International Summit on GMP, GCP & Quality Control in India
  • Implementation of GMP
  • Rational Environmental Monitoring
  • Australia’s biotech and medtech start up community engaging with SeerPharma on multiple fronts
SeerPharma Journal – July 2015
  • Linear leverage SeerPharma’s solution for document training
  • Leading pharmaceutical distribution company appoints SeerPharma to provide training for its Asian operations
  • Australian 3D printing medical device company engages SeerPharma for ISO13485 QMS
  • SeerPharma to assist large Australian pharmaceutical company with FDA and TGA inspections
  • SeerPharma to support major API manufacturer with validation
  • SeerPharma attends 2015 ARCS congress
SeerPharma Journal – April 2015
  • Health World Ltd look to SeerPharma to provide training on site for introduction to GMP and behavioural GMP
  • Australian medical device manufacturer approaches SeerPharma for their expertise on computer system validation
  • Global pharmaceutical company approaches SeerPharma to perform audits
  • Multinational pharmaceutical company commits to further online GMP training from SeerPharma
  • Leading Australian natural health brand implements SeerPharma GMP e-learning
  • GMP training provides excellent career pathways
  • Our perspective on manufacturing in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry