SeerPharma has worked with companies supplying (and in the supply chain of) pharmaceuticals for over 25 years. You may call upon our  expertise to review Facilities, Equipment, Quality Management Systems, Computer Systems and GMP processes to ensure that you are compliant to the regulatory standards of the market in which your product is being sold (eg: FDA, TGA, PIC/S, WHO). We assist companies handling and producing pharmaceuticals that have a defined therapeutic claim, from complementary medicines, to veterinary and those associated with human health. By engaging with SeerPharma, you are able to access consultants who routinely inspect facilities and organisations on behalf of the Australian Government (APVMA) and global Pharmaceutical organisations relying on suppliers in the Asia-Pacific region.

SeerPharma is well versed with a number of Pharmaceutical Quality and GMP regulations, codes and guidance including but not limited to:

  • PIC/S Guide to GMP for Medicinal Products
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Part 210 and Part 211
  • EU Guide to GMP (Volume 4)
  • ICH Quality Guidelines

Our consultants actively train organisations in the Asia-Pacific region on matters of Quality Assurance to help upskill existing capabilities or to help on board new staff. You can access this knowledge, through public scheduled training courses in region; on site and even online from a wide range of topics in quality assurance and the management/handling of pharmaceutical product. Our passion for training has led us to partner with the University of Technology Sydney’s (UTS) School of Pharmacy to deliver the world’s only fully dedicated Postgraduate offering for GMP.

Are you looking to implement an electronic Quality Management Systems (eQMS) to help drive operational efficiencies? SeerPharma’s software division have a strong track record of working with a variety of software platforms and deploying eQMS solutions in to a variety of organisations over the last 25 years. Call upon us to tap in to our expertise as we can provide guidance on how to manage such a project from design through to delivery.

You may also turn to SeerPharma to provide short term Quality Assurance contractors to help with projects that do not warrant hiring a full/part time employee.

Contact us to discuss your needs and find out how you could benefit from the depth of expertise at SeerPharma.