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The FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulations and ISO quality standards require a formal complaint management system. Customer complaints alert regulators about potential quality issues, making complaint management crucial. For regulated companies, complaints offer a chance to address issues quickly. The need for a timely response to quality problems compels many companies to use complaint management software. Thousands of companies worldwide use MasterControl to comply with regulations and ensure product quality and safety.

Complaint Management Challenges


MasterControl Advantages

It takes longer to gather customer complaints using paper forms. Manual data entry is also prone to errors. All of this can cause delays in disposition of complaints.

MasterControl’s customer complaint management software greatly increases efficiency by automating the entire process, beginning with the collection of complaints from various channels through the resolution of incidents.

Lack of Standardization
Complaints may come from paper forms, phone calls, email messages and social media. The lack of a standard procedure for capturing and resolving complaints makes it more difficult to comply with required documentation.

MasterControl standardizes complaint management with best-practice forms and workflow that will guide users throughout the process. Standardization makes it easier for everyone in the organization to comply with requirements.

Lack of Connectivity
In a manual system, customer complaint management is not integrated with the corrective action and preventive action (CAPA), nonconformance, audit and other quality processes. The lack of connectivity can cause delays in addressing complaints and requires extra vigilance on the part of stakeholders.

Connected Processes
MasterControl provides an integrated platform that connects the complaint management system with CAPA for a seamless escalation if necessary. The connectivity makes it easier to see if the complaints have correlation to nonconformances or other quality events.

Lack of Transparency
Tracking down customer complaints in paper forms and those coming from social media or a corporate website is harder when the information is not transparent. Likewise, paper documents are not readily visible or accessible during an audit.

Increased Transparency
MasterControl makes the complaint management process transparent to users and auditors alike. The system’s dashboard, audit trail and reporting capability make quality data accessible and easier to use.

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