Audit Management

MasterControl's Automated Audit Management System can dramatically reduce the time and effort involved in preparing for and conducting audits. Almost all types of businesses undergo audit, but it is particularly critical for Pharmaceutical and/or Medical Device companies. For these organisations, regular audits are necessary to comply with regulations and to ensure product safety and quality. That is why regulated companies are increasingly using audit management software systems to facilitate all audit-related tasks and activities.

Audit Challenges


MasterControl Advantages

Disconnected Audit Management Systems
Maintaining an effective compliance and audit management system requires connections between multiple systems. For example, knowing what should be audited and how often requires input from risk systems, audit findings may lead to corrective/preventive actions (CAPAs), and maintaining an approved vendor list needs feedback from vendor audits.

Connected Audit Management Software
MasterControl connects the audit software processes with the rest of the quality system for a holistic approach to quality management. Audit data is integrated with supplier scorecards, risk scores can drive the frequency and type of audits performed, and quality event forms, such as CAPAs or SCARs, can be launched directly from an audit finding, streamlining the process and ensuring issues raised during audits are properly addressed.

Inefficient Audit Scheduling
Planning and scheduling audits can be deceptively complex. Some audits occur on a regular cycle, but the types of audits (internal, customer, compliance) conducted and their frequency can vary based on a number of factors. Other audits come up on an ad-hoc basis and managing the resources to make sure everything gets done can be a major stumbling block, especially for companies with numerous audits.

Advance Audit Scheduling
Automates planning of all recurring audit management related activities so they won't be overlooked. Scheduling conflicts that result from double-booked auditors or out-of-office events are highlighted for easy resolution. The audit calendar can be searched and filtered to streamline the scheduling process.

Audit Management Results Lack Visibility
It's difficult to generate accurate and timely reports and trends using disparate electronic spreadsheets and paper documents. Without an effective audit reporting tool, managers are unable to see the big picture of their audit management program.

Audit Management Software Increases Visibility
Provides powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, including customisable reports and online charting. Through the reports, managers get a real-time view of the audit process and can be more proactive about improving the quality system. Our audit management software can easily track issues that are raised during audits and make sure that they are resolved.

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