• Do your documents go through endless revisions before being finally approved months after the review date?
  • Are you tired of wading through waffle to get to the information you need?
  • Do you have problems with Data Integrity?
  • Do you suffer from writer’s block?

Get straight to the point with this training course that has been specifically designed to develop and improve your skills in writing effective SOPs, data collection forms and other documents.



At the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Write SOPs that provide unambiguous instruction
  • Design data collection forms that promote data integrity
  • Prepare documents that are ready for approval first time
  • Prepare reports that contain the right amount of the right information

Ultimately you will come away with the confidence to write SOPs, data collection forms and other documentation that can be easily used and understood.


In this one day course you will learn about good writing practices such as,

  • Pruning the ‘deadwood’
  • Reducing complexity
  • Using process mapping to structure documents
  • Writing clear instructional documents (e.g. SOPs)
  • Preparing data collection forms
  • Writing concise reports




This course is suitable for anyone who writes or reviews workplace documents, whether you are new to this or have been writing for years. It covers fundamental principles of good technical writing as well as current trends in, and tools for, SOP writing. The applicability of this course extends beyond the life sciences industries to any business where documents play a fundamental role.

Format and Course Length: 

This 1-day course involves your active participation so you are encouraged to bring a laptop or similar device for use during collaborative exercises and workshops.

The course is delivered in a small group training environment and provides you with templates and opportunities to practice the tools and techniques being taught. There is ample opportunity to discuss specific examples from your own experience and seek advice. You will receive copies of all presentation notes and a Certificate.

Special Offer:

Each participant will have the opportunity to submit a document to SeerPharma within 14 days of the training to receive a free critique.

Call us or click here to e-mail us and register your interest in a public session or having this course delivered on-site.

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