Attend or send your staff to our QA and GMP short course training sessions for up-skilling, professional development and to enhance the performance of your business.


For Australia and New Zealand

Live, interactive, instructor-led group training

The COVID-19 pandemic demands innovative solutions. As the pharmaceutical, medical device and life science industries grapple with unprecedented challenges, SeerPharma has adapted its training sessions from a classroom to an online environment to help you maintain business continuity. SeerPharma is excited to bring you the following schedule of online virtual-classroom QA and GMP training courses hosted in Singapore for the ASEAN region.

Quality Assurance (QA) person attending online virtual-classroom GMP training


Physical distancing...not social distancing

Training programs are adapted for delivery in an online virtual-classroom.

Participants will be provided with a PDF of the training material in advance of the training should they wish to print and annotate notes. Participants will be connected to the trainer and other participants via online collaboration tool Zoom with connected video (webcam / screen sharing) and audio (computer audio or phone dial-in). Theory will be delivered by the trainer sharing their screen of the PowerPoint presentation. Facilitated workshops will be run in digital breakout rooms (e.g. a group of 12 might split into 4 breakout rooms each with 3 participants to separately work on a problem). Breakout rooms can call the trainer in for support when required and the trainer can electronically bring everyone back to the main session to debrief when appropriate.


Participant needs are very basic. You will need a computer or suitable device with a good internet connection. A headset (headphones with microphone) and second monitor/screen are recommended but not required.

SCHEDULE for 2021

 Courses  Dates in 2021  Full Days or Half Days
 Contamination Control  15-16 September  2 full days
 Data Integrity  23-24 September  2 half days
 Release for Supply - Responsibilities of APs  28 September  1 full day 
 Supplier Quality Assurance  6-7 October  2 half days
 MTP 4.0 - Industry 4.0 for the Medical Technology, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Sector  11-12 October  2 half days
 Product Quality Reviews (PQRs)  12-13 October  2 half days
 Minimise Human Error - Behavioural GMP  21-22 October  2 half days
 How to Prepare for an Inspection / Audit (NEW)  25-26 October  2 half days
 GMP for Engineering (NEW)  10-11 November  2 full days
 Principles of Computer System Validation (CSV)  15-16 November  2 half days
 Validation – A Roadmap to 'Getting it Right First Time'  24-25 November  2 full days
 Cleaning Validation  29-30 November  2 half days
 GMP - What You Need to Know  13-14 December  2 full days



SeerPharma maintains over 50 training courses. Let us know what topics you're interested in and we'll let you know how we can help.

We offer a range of popular courses available for private delivery to your organisation either on-site or in an online virtual classroom.

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