With the acceleration of digital transformation in the workplace (triggered by the COVD-19 pandemic), SeerPharma has adapted to the "distance economy" to better support its customers. One of the changes at SeerPharma includes issuing digital credentials (badges) via Credly as recognition of SeerPharma training achievements.

Digital credentials are a powerful tool because they verify competencies and create increased visibility of the skills necessary to get the job done. Now, perhaps more than ever, companies need the credibility of having verifiably skilled workers to compete in this new “distance economy.” Digital credentials provide that verification. With a digital badge, trainees’ competencies are proven and easily visible; supporting credibility in the new age of business as usual.

Credly Internal Audits and CAPA

After you complete an instructor-led SeerPharma training course and full payment is made, SeerPharma will send you an e-mail* with a link to accept your badge. The e-mail will come from SeerPharma via Credly and the e-mail address admin@credly.com which we recommend you whitelist and add to your contact list so it lands in your inbox instead of your junk/spam. You may also need your organisation to authorise e-mails from admin@credly.com so they are not filtered-out by your corporate e-mail server.

*Trainees must provide SeerPharma with a personal e-mail address. Generic or group e-mail addresses cannot be used.

To accept your first Credly badge, you are required to create a free Credly "Earner" account. Click "Accept your badge" in the e-mail and the Credly website will walk you through creating this free Credly account. Future badges can be accepted automatically and you can even merge badges you have accepted through other e-mail addresses from multiple organisations into the one free Credly user account.

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