Currently, more and more laboratories are run like businesses, where success is driven by credibility. In order to be credible in the current competitive environment, your laboratory must:

  • Produce reliable and accurate results with unambiguous test reports
  • Deliver correct information to the correct customer in a timely manner
  • Perform economically and efficiently
  • Be able to retrieve historical records and data
  • Operate independently in quality assessment
  • Withstand audits and inspections


Critically, the loss of credibility in a laboratory leads to customer skepticism and a loss in confidence of your capabilities. Without Good (Quality Control) Laboratory Practices – G(QC)LP – you are left focusing on “defending” results, and regulatory or external pressure which distract personnel from value-adding and cost-effective operations. This course will help you and your laboratory perform successfully by providing you with knowledge and the understanding needed to establish and maintain G(QC)LP.


  • List the key elements and basic principles that are necessary to establish proper control and sustain compliance in a Quality Control / Analytical Laboratory
  • Understand the difference(s) between Out Of Specification (OOS) and (Out Of Trend) OOT
  • Explain the essential steps in conducting OOS / OOT investigation, including the criteria of re-testing and re-sampling
  • Know how to document the outcome of OOS / OOT investigation
  • State your role and responsibilities regarding G(QC)LP compliance


You will benefit from this training if you are a regulated laboratory analyst or supervisor, or if you have a general interest in GxP and laboratory practices.

Format and Course Length

The 1-day course involves a lively mix of case studies / workshops and tutorial sessions. The delivery method is collaborative involving a small group and facilitator, which has been shown to enhance effective learning and critical thinking skills of participants. You will receive PDF copies of the training material and a Certificate of Attendance.

Possible Date

Singapore, July 2020.

Dates can be flexible and we encourage you to contact us with your needs so we can discuss how to help.

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